Okay, they're not arranged as questions, but the information may save you some questions later: 

NEW PATIENTS / MEDICATIONS: We recommend that new patients bring the bottles of all the medications they are taking so we can make a list for their record.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your relationship with the doctor is confidential. We will not release your records to employers, insurance companies, or your relatives without your written permission.

PRESCRIPTIONS: We discourage over-the–phone prescriptions for pain pills, nerve pills, sleeping pills, or antibiotics. Situations requiring these medications generally require an examination by the physician. Other prescriptions may occasionally be filled over-the-phone if your medical care is current.

PAYMENT: Payment is expected at the time of service. We can file for most insurance after all deductibles are met. Health insurance is a contract between the patient and their insurance company. We will assist in filing claims, but financial issues are ultimately the patient’s responsibility.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS: If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call our office to cancel. We turn away patients every day in order to keep our commitment to those that are on the schedule. If you do not cancel and do not show up for your appointment, it creates an unnecessary void in our schedule where another person could have received care. There may be charges related to a missed appointment. If you miss several appointments, you may have to leave a deposit before future appointments will be scheduled.

HOSPITALIZATION: We no longer admit patients to the hospital. We can take care of the majority of your health needs as an outpatient. If your illness requires hospitalization, we can assist in referring to a hospital specialist. After-hours admissions will require going through the emergency room.